NoRug-Team present

police academy nft

911 unique NFT, protecting and serving on Solana Blockchain


So what Cops are made for ?

Metaverse ? CopToken$ ?

no such bullshit in here

So what then ?

passive income and holder's running the project !

How ?
  • 50% of royalties will be airdroped to holders every month
  • 55% for mint money will be the holders treasure, holders will decide how to invest that money to make passive income
  • 10% of mint money will be airdroped to holders of special cops (Robocops)
  • Mint price will be decided and voted by Discord members
  • A Police Captain will be elected by holders one month after mint, he will manage the project, every proposition of Captain will be voted by holders
  • A new election takes place every 3 month
  • A bad captain can be removed by holder with vote of no confidence

Amazing! is that it ?

not really, NoRug-Team has the ambition to build a strong community that will help each other preventing from scam project, scam sells, or any type of rug

there's no better way than a community sharing tips and information to avoid Rug pulls

sometimes, shit just happens... when it happens it's good to have community to back us, maybe by helping us with the commun treasure... once again, everything goes through a vote

furthermore, a strong cop community will help each other also by sharing good tips on future mints or any other stuff

Q1 2022

  • Build community
  • prepare smartcontrat & mint
  • mint price to be voted by Discord members
  • Mint & Project launch
  • Rewards for minters
  • prepare first Captain Election
  • First passive income airdrop at the end of the first full month next to mint (for example, if mint is in january, airdrop of sol at the end of february, then every month)

Q2 2022

  • Captain start the Acadamy management the rest of Roadmap for this Q2 is up to him and the holders vote !
  • You will be able to do anything you want with this project, as long as the holders vote is respected !
  • Holders will vote for futur collaboration
  • New election will take place to determine the next Captain for 3 month (the acting Captain can of course be reelected everytime, as long as Holders decide to keep him in job)

Q3 2022

  • Same as Q2, Captain management, holders vote
  • A new collection will be prepared and holders will have advantages on it
  • Holders will vote for futur collaboration
  • New election

Q4 2022

  • Same as Q2 and Q3, Captain management, holders vote
  • Launch of new collection
  • Holders will vote for 2023 Roadmap
  • New election